Mario Pagliaro Design

Production : Camerastylo Film
Director : Stefano Aletto
Editing : CSFilm
Music by : Leonardo Falasco
Mixing Audio : Stefano Valentini

Synopsis :

The creative process has not a linear, standard or objective structure. Endless possibilities open at the beginning of any project, which can be as much resources as distractions. As a blank slate as exciting as frightening. Whatever is the path, the important thing is to have a goal and achieve it.

This documentary tells the story of Mario Pagliaro, a young designer who was born in Naples, a city in southern Italy where he currently lives and works. Beyond boundaries of style and geography, Mario is an author, a researcher of the form. Thus the author, the designer traces his life and the potential interconnections between unconscious and conscious in order to start the process of creation. His challenge is that one of a young man who uses his talent and turns it on a concrete level based on the everyday life and contemporary society needs. Obstacles he encountered are like rocks, and these are: addressing problems through their own resources, managing own insights, building partnerships with professionals and artisans who he will met during his journey and finally achieving his goal.

Mario took quickly many small inputs, ideas, inspirations, references and decisions trying to reshape his thoughts. Then, in the middle of this flow of information, he stops thinking and begins its work; from the design to the realization of the mock-up, from the production to the assembly and finally to the comparison between colleagues and friends. This switch from the stage of conceptualizing to the implementation phase brings the audience to ask from the main character’s point of view: What is designing? What stages does the designer undertake through during a project? How architecture and design are interrelated with environment and people? What and how can we use to improve our creative output?

Mario explores through gaming, including basic needs such to be comfortably seated. Concepts such as materials’lightness (cardboard , wood and iron ) , ease in assembly , simplicity of the shapes and techniques, become the driving forces of its projects as well as the intrinsic characteristics of his being the author .In addition this filmdoc highlights the potential power of each one who, as Mario, can uniquely realize own vision through a smart and multipurpose enterprise. 

Through the research of the main character it is possible to live his hometown, as a fertile ground of ideas and innovations. A no conventional description of Naples, a city full of places, architectures and professionals that show an excellence, which is often keep quite. The plant ” Olivetti ” in Pozzuoli is reported as fascinating balance between landscape and south Italy typical traditions, and newest techniques, in order to reclaim a Neapolitan tradition in areas such as design, architecture and advanced technology. Finally Marios’ talent, insight, ideas, skills are realized into object such as his production line named Cross which includes table, chair and chaise longue and the wheelbarrow.

The visual approach through which the documentary is shot isn’t descriptive and observation but the director construes the story together with the main character. Real life moments are alternate to lyrical moments, actions and messages that change by a quick rhythm as a fast flow, the creative flow.